Land on Fire is inspired by waves as patterns in time and space. Our frenetic world does not exist in landscape. Formations that look like ocean waves in their immensity and their silence draw me into their immutability. My paintings are rooted in the tangibility of the physical world but draw me into questions about our human relationship to the earth. My challenge as the artist is to draw the connections between the tangible and intangible.

“Painting is about rendering the invisible.” Elizabeth Grosz

By moving into the land through colour and gesture, I enter into a mediation of stillness that becomes questions of time evolving and space expanding. The vast, silent, unforgiving spaces challenge me to express my ideas and emotions of timelessness. Each painting has its own silence.

I am the earth on which I stand;
The spark which fires
its dust and sand.
I am the star
and I am the sky
and I am the water
when I die.

Victor Passmore 1975